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Joyce slams port 'monopolies'

Liberal/National Party regional development spokesman, Senator Barnaby Joyce, says he is concerned about monopolies dominating Australian ports.

Speaking at the Australian Grains Industry Conference 2012 in Melbourne, Senator Joyce said it was essential for farmers to retain good access to ports.

"There are competition issues that come in.... we are getting the domination of vital infrastructure by certain groups which basically means that you are dealing with a monopoly," he said.

"If you deal with a monopoly, then the role of a monopoly - and I'm an accountant - is to rip you off.
"If I was back in accountancy... that's exactly what I'd do.

"That's the cold-hard reality... but it's the role of government that we isolate people from that.

"That when we are mindful of that happening, that we do what we can to alleviate that pressure and to stand in place for the market pressures that would be there had there been a more diverse market structure."