The last Australian Oil Products Tanker to Leave the Coast


The last Australian Oil Products Tanker to Leave the Coast

It has been announced that the last remaining Australian Oil Tanker is to cease operating on the Australian coast and will be replaced by a foreign vessel with a foreign crew.

Lamenting the loss of the British Fidelity, Australian Maritime Officers Union President Tim Higgs commented on his dismay at this further blow to the local shipping industry.

'This decision is a kick in the guts for our members and our industry.  Further it jeopardises our country's fuel security.'

ASP Ship Management, the manning and management agent for the vessel, announce on Tuesday that the ship would not be returning from routine maintenance in Singapore and that the Australian crew would be made redundant in 60 days.

'Australia now has no vessels on our coast that transport fuel', said Mr Higgs, 'a ludicrous situation for an island nation'.

'Step up Malcom Turnbull.  Step up and protect Australian jobs and protect Australian fuel security.'

'Every Australian should have the right to work in their own back yard under fair wages and conditions'

'This brings an end to and Australian shipping era there is no longer tankers manned by Australian; a sad state of affairs for an island nation.'


Tim Higgs | President