The centralization of Tasports Port Control

The centralization of Tasports Port Control

When Tasports came into existence in 2006 Bell Bay and Burnie Port control were already centralized, soon after Davonport the last step that remained for total centralization was Hobart.

The main difficulty in the centralization of Hobart was the safe operation of Bridge transits; previously on the 5th of January in 1975 a bulk ore carrier travelling up the Derwent River hit the bridge and sunk killing 12 people including crew and occupants of cars on the bridge. 

Tasports is satisfied with the upgrades in technology including CCTV footage and a Port control officer based in Hobart to oversee any bridge transits the port will satisfy all safety requirements for bridge transits.

AMOU delegates and members in Port control Bell Bay and Hobart have played a vital role in providing information and assistance to Tasports to insure the transition to a centralized Port control and the safe operation of Hobart port.