The 8th ITF Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Captain TT Chung from the Merchant Navy Guild of Hong Kong opened the 8th ITF Asia Pacific Regional Conference [picture below], held in Hong Kong, on 11-17 May 2013. The Conference was designed to set the union agenda on organising to build strong unions in the Asia Pacific region. The ITF Asia Pacific region has 202 affiliate unions, covers 1,179,281 members of which 261,855 are seafarers. Near on all of the 202 affiliates attended, the Australian Maritime Officers union was represented by Jan Thompson.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the Conference was the participation of women and the young. The women's conference held on the weekend prior was attended by 32 women of whom 14 were under the age of 35. The election of young transport workers committee was hotly contested with 6 candidates; although this caused some anxiety for the ITF affiliates, as no candidate has yet been elected, it at least shows a bright future for the ITF as the young transport workers are willing to participate and are seeking a seat at the table.

The AMOU would like to extend its sincere thanks to retiring General Secretary, David Cockcroft, over the course of the conference David recanted many salient and humorous moments of his 20 year reign as General Secretary of the ITF. David is picture receiving a small presentation at the Conference dinner. We wish him and his family all the best in retirement.

ITF Conference 1

ITF Conference 2