Telling Our Story Update

Dear Members

The Federal Election is rapidly coming to an end.  This is the last weekend candidates have the chance to get out and about in their Electorates and talk directly with everyday voters as they go about their business on busy Saturdays and Sundays.

As you all know tomorrow is the International Day of the Seafarer - a day for us to reflect on why we choose our profession and a chance for us to remind others what we do.

Our 'Telling our Story' campaign has hit a sweet spot.  The messages we are getting back from Members about the interaction they have had with politicians and the general public have been phenomenal.

Our Events in Launceston and Sydney have been well attended and well covered in the media. 

We need one last push before the Election tell as many as we can why our jobs are important to Australia's future and why we all should support a vibrant local shipping industry.

Get your pledges signed, not just by candidates but by everyone you encounter, friends, family, neighbours, strangers.

Let's use tomorrow, International Day of the Seafarer, as a day we all get out and 'Tell our Story'. 

Thanks for your support

Stay safe,


Tim Higgs