Stop Abbott's Anti-Worker Laws

The AMOU invites all members to sign the ACTU petition in the link below to vote against the anti-worker laws.

Tony Abbott is trying to rush through laws that introduce new unfair individual contracts that cut take home pay, give more power to employers in bargaining and make it harder for workers to access their union. But to do all this he needs the crucial votes of at least six cross-bench senators. We need to take action now to stop Tony Abbott from rushing through laws to take away your rights at work.

We can stop Abbott's attack dead in its tracks if just three cross-bench senators vote against the Bill. It looks like the vote will take place this Wednesday so we will need to act fast and we need everyone to play their part.

Tony Abbott's new laws bring back some of the worst parts of WorkChoices. Among other things, the Bill:

  • Reintroduces unfair individual contracts that can cut take home pay including weekend and penalty rates.
  • Gives employers a veto over industrial action.
  • Allows employers to not pay-out some annual leave if you're sacked or leave a job.
  • Gives mining and construction employers a special deal that allows them to write their own Enterprise Agreements.
  • Reduces the rights of workers to talk to their union at work if they need help.

It's not just Coalition MPs at federal level who are pushing to wind back our rights at work and hand more power to employers and their big business mates. With the NSW state election just around the corner, it is important we show we can stand together and fight attacks on our workplace rights in order to send a message to the Baird Government that we won't stand for backward steps in NSW.

It is going to take a big effort to knock off these laws but, together, we have it in us.

Yours in unity,

Mark Lennon

Unions NSW