Skandi Falcon

The AMOU has signed a greenfields agreement with Dof Management and Atlas Marine Services Group for work on the Skandi Falcon. The Skandi Falcon, has been engaged to carry pipe from the load out facility in Gladstone to the construction works site at Hay Point Expansion Phase 3. The project is expected to last for approximately 18 months.

Despite being built in 1990, the recent inspection of the vessel in Singapore found the vessel to be in good order and it was well designed, with excellent visual from the bridge. The company have agreed to rectifying the outstanding issues such as replacing the back deck timber and removing some of the asbestos from the engineroom. No asbestos was detected in any other part of the vessel.

The vessel is scheduled to work approximately one hour in DPO 1 on discharging in Hay Point, we have agreed to a manning of 3 Deck Officers, but we have reserved our right to increase the manning if STCW95 hours are breached. Members will need to be vigilant about recording hours.  The Agreement is a hybrid version of the Offshore Oil & Gas Agreement, the significant difference being the date of effect for salary increases and term of the Agreement, Members will be paid at the salary rate of 100% plus a Retention and Continuity Allowance of $95.40 per duty day. A copy of Agreement can be found in the 'members' section - 'Find your Enterprise Agreement' - 'Port Services Enterprise Agreements' - 'Construction Agreements'.

The expat Master and Chief Engineer will sail as supernumerary for approximately 2 swings, to enable the Australian Masters and Chief Engineers the opportunity to gain some insight from their extensive experience on the vessel. The Norwegian Master had worked on the vessel for the past 15 years. Once the expats have departed the vessel, it is agreed that a berth will become available for a cadet to gain seatime.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jan Thompson.

Jan Thompson, Industrial Officer, AMOU

Ph: 03 9663 6702, Mob: 0417 050 816,