Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

On 25 June, 2015 Warren Truss, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, introduced the Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 into the Australian Parliament.

This Bill, if enacted, will significantly alter coastal trading in Australian waters.

Changes in the Bill include:

• Introduction of a single coastal trading permit for both Australian and foreign ships;

• Ships covered by a permit do would not be imported by customs;

• Australian and foreign ships would be afforded equal access rights to carry coastal goods or passengers;

• A foreign ship operating in Australia under a permit for more than 183 days would be required to at a minimum to have a crew including a master or first mate and the chief engineer or first engineer who are Australian citizens or hold appropriate rights to work in Australia;

• A foreign ship operating in Australia under a permit for more than 183 days would be covered by the Fair Work Act and Part B of the Seagoing Industry Award; and,

• Voyages loading or unloading at roadsteads outside state waters, and voyages loading at offshore oil and gas installations for transport to the mainland would be eligible for coverage under the permit system.

Immediately after introduction the Bill was referred to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee for inquiry and report.

The Senate Committee is now receiving submissions on the Bill.

This is a vitally important issue for AMOU members and we will, on behalf of members, be making our views on the Bill known to the Parliament.

Jarrod Moran in our Melbourne Office will be co-ordinating the development of the AMOU submission.

To get involved in this Inquiry please contact Jarrod on 0417 316 370 or email

Please forward any views you have on the Bill to Jarrod for inclusion in our submission which is due by 7 August 2015.

Details on the Bill and the Senate Committee enquiry are available at: Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

The Senate Inquiry Report is due to be tabled by 12 October 2015.