Security Awareness Endorsement - Qualifying sea service option

Dear All

As you are aware last month AMSA issued Marine Notice 2013/02 which outlines the continued competence requirements to revalidate a certificate beyond 31 December 2016.  ONE of a number of new requirements, is for ALL seafarers (Masters, Deck Officers, Engineer Officers, Ratings (Deck and Engine Room) and holders of Certificates of Safety Training) to hold a Security Awareness endorsement.  If a seafarer does not hold the endorsement their certificate will not be valid after 31 December 2016.

As outlined in the Marine Notice there are two options in obtaining a Security Awareness endorsement:

Option 1 - until 1 January 2014 seafarers may apply to AMSA if they have approved qualifying sea service of at least 6 months between 31 December 2008 and 31 December 2011.

Option 2 - complete an approved Security Awareness training course at an AMSA approved college.

I am concerned that seafarers holding an AMSA issued STCW certificate with at least  6 months qualifying sea service, served between 31 December 2008 and 31 December 2011, may not be aware of option 1 and not apply to AMSA before 1 January 2014. If they do not take the opportunity and apply in 2013 they will be required to complete the full approved course at an AMSA approved college.  This has the potential to have a significant financial impact on the Australian maritime industry as a whole and inconvenience many seafarers.

I therefore encourage you to advise seafarers to act now, rather than leave it until it is too late, to have their sea service assessed and recognised by AMSA and be issued with the Security Awareness endorsement.  After 1 January 2014 AMSA will no longer be able to recognise the sea service in lieu of an approved training course.

Seafarers who believe they have satisfied the qualifying sea service requirements for a Security Awareness endorsement should forward, before 1 January 2014, their STCW certificate (Masters, Deck Officers, Engineer Officers, Ratings (Deck and Engine Room) and holders of Certificates of Safety Training) to AMSA, together with the completed form AMSA 63, (which may be downloaded from the AMSA website), the appropriate fee and proof of sea service in the form of an original letter, on letter head paper, from the employer.

Your co-operation and assistance in this matter is appreciated.

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