Revalidation course for certificate of competency

Dear Members

Following is a letter from one of our members regarding revalidation courses. Enquiries about the courses can be made with the contact listed at the bottom of the letter.

Hi Dan ,

As per our phone conversation - you may wish to distribute the below to the Members - outlining new requirements to re-new their Certificates of Competency (CoC).

From STCW 2012 and the Manila Amendments - the following changes have been ratified by AMSA.

As per Marine Notice #2 of 2013 (February) - the following changes are explained.

Security Awareness Endorsement

As of 1st January, 2013 - holders of a Certificate of Competency, Certificate of Proficiency of Certificate of Safety Training will be required to hold a Security Awareness Endorsement on their CoC.

Officers who have approved qualifying seatime of at least 6 months between 31st December 2008 and the 31st December 2011 - need to produce a letter (from the company) to support this seatime, to AMSA.

AMSA will then issue an Endorsement into your CoC.

If you do not have the relevant required seatime - you must undertake a 1 x day AMSA approved course in Security Awareness.

Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher

Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher

Both these Refreshers have the same requirements.

Officers who have approved qualifying seatime of at least 12 months in the last 5 years - need to produce a letter (from the company) to support this seatime, to AMSA.

Letter needs to state -

the name, IMO number and particulars of the vessel; 

the rank served on board;

the dates served on board the vessel;

that they actively managed and participated in the mandatory abandon ship and fire drills required by SOLAS as well as scheduled drills required

by the on board Safety Management System; and

for Masters and Deck Officers only, that the ship was fitted with a full GMDSS station and that they operated the equipment on a regular basis;

In addition to the above approved seatime, Masters and Deck Officers must complete an AMSA approved

1 x Day Refresher in Proficiency in Survival Craft and an AMSA approved 1 x Day Refresher in Advanced Fire Fighting.

Once these 3 criteria have been completed and signed off by AMSA - you will be issued a renewed CoC for 5 years.

If your CoC is up for renewal and you do not complete these courses in time - you will be issued a CoC only up until 31st December, 2016.

The above courses and endorsements need to be completed before 31st December, 2016.

Once they are completed - your CoC will be issued from 5 years from this date.

If the courses and endorsements are not completed - you will not be issued a renewed CoC.

Any Officers who possess an FRC Endorsement - will need to undergo a 1 x Day FRC Refresher in order to keep the endorsement current on their new CoC.

The previous letters verifying seatime - will be sufficient to cover the FRC Endorsement.

The first Refresher Courses in Australia are being offered by AMC Search on the 7th and 8th September, 2013 in Launceston. (Yes - Saturday and Sunday).

AMC Search need 6 to run the course - so far there are 4 students confirmed. So there are only a few places left.

AMC Search are also running a FRC Refresher Course on Friday 6th September, 2013 - again in Launceston.

To enrol in any of these Refresher Courses - please contact Emilie Donovan before this Friday 23rd August, 2013 - otherwise the courses will be cancelled due to insufficient numbers.

Emilie Donovan

Course Administration Manager

AMC Search

(03) 6324 9863