Remembering Nelson Mandela

The AMOU would like to share the following article written by the ACTU in remembrance of Nelson Mandela.

"Today the world has lost one of its most towering figures - a man of great courage and principle, who provided inspiration to people everywhere not just for his strength, but for the power of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Like the rest of the world, Australian unions are in mourning today at the death of Nelson Mandela.

Mr Mandela's death at 95 has been deeply felt within the labour movement because of the strong connections between the African National Congress, which he headed, and unions, who were among the most committed opponents of apartheid over four decades.

During that time, the union movement ensured that apartheid remained on the agenda in Australia, putting pressure on the government to use its diplomatic clout to force change, providing assistance to the African National Congress and its representatives in exile, and enforcing economic sanctions against South Africa.

A few months after his release from prison in February 1990, Nelson Mandela repaid the favour, travelling to Australia and attending a special function in Melbourne where he personally thanked Australian unions for their support."

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Ged Kearney
ACTU President