Rally on 4th March 2015

Fight for our rights! Nationwide protest 4 March 2015

The chaos in Canberra may be exciting, but no matter who leads the Liberals, we have to stand up to the anti-worker ideology that dirves this Government.

The Liberals may not agree on much right now, but they all still agree that:

  • The minimum wage should be even lower
  • Bosses should be able to force you to work weekends, nights, and holidays for no extra pay
  • The law shouldn't protect you from unfair dismissal
  • It's more important to protect bosses from bullying laws than workers from bullies

Australia is standing up and fighting back.

On 4 March, tens of thousands of union members and our supporters will protest in every Australian state.

VIC  -  Melbourne - 10.00am - Victorian Trades Hall, Cnr Victoria & Lygon Sts, Carlton

NSW  -  Sydney - 12.30pm - Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Newcastle - 10.00am - Newcastle Town Hall

SA  -   Adelaide - 12.00pm - Light Square, Currie Street, Adelaide

ACT  -   Canberra - 12.15pm - New Parliament House, Parliament Drive, Canberra

WA  -   Perth - 12.30pm - Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, West Perth

QLD  -  Brisbane - 12.30pm - Parliament House, George Street, Brisbane  

Townsville - 4.30pm - 340 Ross River Road, Cranbrook                                       

Mackay - 4.30pm - 2/21 Milton Street, Mackay

TAS  -  Hobart - 12.30pm - Franklin Square Hobart                                               

Launceston - 8.00am - Prince's Square, Launceston

NT  -  Darwin - 4.30pm - Bennett Park, Darwin