Port Kembla Marine Pilots Dispute

The AMOU has attended a hearing and a conference this week in connection with the Port Kembla Pilots.

Port Kembla Pilots are in dispute with Port Kembla Port Corporation on the following matters:

  1. A new enterprise agreement (existing agreement concluded in 2009) - Port Kembla Pilots want the same as Sydney Pilots which PKPC says represents a 48% increase.
  2. An additional pilot to bring the number up to eight.
  3. A new 'belt roster' - same as Sydney.
  4. Changes to the existing port operating guidelines to increase from three tugs to four on cape size.
  5. Maximum of four ship movements per shift.
  6. A car/allowance to be provided free of cost for each Pilot.
  7. Income protection insurance to age 65.
  8. Performance payments.

Click here for a copy of a Lloyds List report

Click here for a copy of the Fair Work Australia Order