NSW Maritime and AIMPE

The unacceptable behaviour of AIMPE within New South Wales Maritime Authority has put at grave risk the completion of an enterprise agreement for ALL STAFF prior to the change of government in New South Wales.

Many months of valuable negotiating time has been lost as AIMPE has pursued a log of claims demanding a separate agreement for their handful of members.

After failing to get support or agreement from any party AIMPE made an application to the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW to become a party to the Award, something they had previously neglected to do.

The AMOU did not waste valuable resources in 'playing the AIMPE GAME' with the inevitable result of getting a verbal spray after the event.

In a decision following AIMPE's application to be a party to the Award the Commission said the following:

"As a matter of discretion for the forgoing reasons I consider a case has been established for the Applicant (AIMPE) to vary the Award (then become a party).

However in doing so the Commission wishes to make it clear to (AIMPE) that in exercising its descretion the Commission is not conferring a benefit on (AIMPE) to engage in industrial jousting with any other party to the award."

AIMPE has been put on notice.

Click here to read the letter to AIMPE from the Combined Unions Single Bargaining Unit at NSW Maritime.  To date there has been no reply.