Lindsay Clark Update

The ACTU urgently convened a telephone conference on Wednesday 28 August, of the relevant unions for the purpose of developing a strategy to Alcoa's decision to withdraw the ASP Ship Management manned vessel, the Lindsay Clark.  The telephone conference was convened by Michael Borowick, Assistant Secretary of the ACTU and included Ian Bray, Assistant National Secretary of the MUA, Scott McDine, Assistant National Secretary of the AWU, and Steve Groves and Jan Thompson from the AMOU. The AIMPE declined to participate, instead providing a 3 page attack of the MUA's integrity - we are unsure how that helps the situation!

Alcoa's decision to fail to consult with the unions regarding their decision to remove the Lindsay Clark and the subsequent application for 5 [previously 16] single voyage permits is disappointing; especially as the problem seems to be the cost of drydocking a 28 year old vessel, rather than crew costs. It is reported that the dry dock will require $10 million on a vessel worth $2-3 million.

The other complicating factor is that the future of Point Henry is under review and that review will be released mid next year. Discussions regarding the landside activities were greatly assisted by the involvement of the AWA. The unions are scheduled to meet with Alcoa early next week in an attempt to develop a collaborative approach to address these issues.

If Members require further information or can provide further information please do not hesitate to contact John Wydell, Steve Groves, or Jan Thompson.