International Maritime Bureau Seafarer Survey on Piracy and Armed Robbery

The recent meeting of the ITF Seafarers' Section Committee agreed to support the International Maritime Bureau, in co-operation with Oceans Beyond Piracy, on line survey to assess the concerns and fears of seafarers transiting through the high risk waters of piracy and armed robbery. 

The survey considers the three main sea areas affected by piracy and armed robbery:

1. Somali piracy which includes Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Southern Red Sea and surrounding waters.

2. Gulf of Guinea ports and waters which includes incidents in and around the waters of Benin, Cameron, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Togo and surrounding waters ad ports.

3. South East Asian ports and waters which include Indonesia, Philippines, Malacca Straits, Malaysia, Singapore Straits, Vietnam and surrounding waters and ports.

The short survey form can be found at:

The AMOU urges members to complete the survey. The deadline is 31 May 2013 and the results will be used in the second Human Cost of Piracy Report.