Executive Officer Appointment

Dear Member,

Your Executive Council has implemented a central recommendation of the Lewin report with the appointment of our Executive Officer.

We are pleased to inform you that Mark Davis will be joining the AMOU to take on this new role.

Mark is currently based in New Zealand and has worked in the maritime/transport trade union movement for 30 years campaigning for labour rights both nationally and internationally.

Mark was with the ITF for 20 years and was heavily involved in the establishment and development of maritime unions overseas.  Prior to this he was Assistant Secretary of the New Zealand Merchant Service Guild for 10 years.

Mark has recently been involved in developing the Guild's strategic campaigns, which are very similar to those confronting AMOU members; particularly challenging immigration policy and law and protecting jobs for local members.

Mark is presently familiarising himself with all aspects of the AMOU structure and operation. He will be periodically visiting AMOU offices to get to know the staff and systems prior to his permanent relocation as early as possible in 2017. We are excited to have Mark with us as our new Executive Officer and look forward to the possibilities his appointment brings the union, its members and staff.

Best Regards

Tim Higgs