Dredging Industry: Van Oord Agreement finalised

The AMOU has finalised an agreement with Van Oord known as the  'Van Oord Australia Pty Ltd. and  Australian Maritime Officers Union Contract Propelled Dredging Enterprise  Agreement 2011'.

The enterprise agreement negotiations between the AMOU and Van Oord were very frustrating and exceedingly protracted.

The attitudes adopted by the other major dredging employers in refusing to  participate in some form of industry consultation, but also in adopting a deliberate non-cooperative attitude towards each other has resulted in delay and the emergence of differing industry standards for the future.

The AMOU is now confident that similar agreements can be reached with all other employers in the near future.

The outcomes of the 2011 Van Ord  Agreement include:

* an annual salary increase of 6% per annum from July 2011 to June 2014.

*  In addition AMOU members will be paid an additional 1 % in 2011 and an increased Superannuation employer contribution to 14:5%.

*  The amended salary spine has also taken into account the previous EBA "permanent" Masters' salary rate (now referred to as a "Senior Master") as well as recognising the larger Split Hopper Master's certificate requirement and the Launch Masters duties etc.

*  The 2011 Agreement also provides for the "Project Allowance" of $95:00 per duty day (increasing by 6%pa) which unlike previous "similar" entitlements is not subject to project completion etc.

The Agreement enshrines the principle that dredging vessels working within Australian waters will be manned by Australian Officers. In the event Australian officers cannot fulfil the position due to flag state requirements then expatriate officers will be paid the Australian Van Oord enterprise agreement salary rates.

Contractors and employees of contractors engaged by Van Oord will also be paid no less than this Agreement.

The Agreement is currently before Fair Work Australia for approval.

A copy of the Agreement can be found in the 'members' section of the AMOU web site in the 'Find your enterprise agreement' section.

For more information please contact the AMOU Melbourne Office.