Consultations on National Maritime Reform

Media Release

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

24 August 2011

For the first time in history, Australia will have a single national regulator for maritime safety, turning 50 different pieces of legislation across eight jurisdictions into one uniform system.

The changes represent the most significant reforms of the transport sector since Federation, after agreement was reached on Transport Regulators at last week's COAG meeting.

Under the historic reforms championed by the Gillard Labor Government, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will from 2013 become the national regulator of all commercial vessels.

I have asked state and territory governments to begin consultations on the detail of the changes and over the next few weeks, staff from AMSA will be travelling through Queensland and Victoria to seek input from industry and the public.

Creating a national safety system for the maritime sector will improve safety standards in Australia's waters, reduce regulatory burden for businesses and cut red tape for the domestic commercial vessel industry.

The changes will boost national income by up to $30 billion over the next 20 years, reducing the compliance burden on our transport industry by ending the need for mountains of paperwork and multiple fees.

The Australian Government will continue to work in partnership with state and territory Governments to deliver the Government's promise to improve Australia's maritime operating environment for business.

The National System for Commercial Vessel Safety will streamline standards by establishing consistent design, construction and certification requirements to reduce the regulatory burden faced by shipping operators.

Currently vessels need separate certificates for each state and territory but the new system will mean that one national certificate is recognised across Australia.

I invite all interested Australians to participate in the consultation process and help to shape a stronger, safer future for Australia's maritime industry.

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