Changes to the Save our Seafarers Website

Update - Changes to the SOS website

Changing circumstances suggest that some adjustment to the campaign are appropriate.

We're delighted to say that;

  • the massive media interest in maritime piracy that has been generated and
  • the 33,000 letters which our website visitors have sent to their governments

appear to have had the desired effect.  Public and political awareness and interest in the piracy problem has soared around the world and numerous governments have responded very positively to our calls for action. Massive resources have been poured into combating piracy.

These efforts from the industry, SOS member organisations and the naval forces have produced a dramatic reduction in attacks on shipping and as a consequence, the number of hostages being held is down to about a quarter of the number held two years ago - although every seafarer being held against their will by criminal extortionists is one too many.

We are therefore dispensing with the 'letter to government' feature of the website from December 20th 2012. It's done its job. A very since thank you to each and every one of you who sent a letter. Your voice HAS been heard. Visitors will still able to register their support by adding names to the on-site list.

Nevertheless the fight against Somali piracy is by no means over and ship operators, the shipping industry and the naval forces are all maintaining their levels of watchfulness, and preparing and training for possible pirate attacks.

Our news, social media and video channels will stay live. We will continue to strive to meet all our declared objectives. The industry will not rest until Somali piracy is defeated. We will not be dropping our guard now or at any time in the future.

Thanks for your support.