AMOU Telling Our Story

The AMOU  has been campaigning hard for the removal of the positions of Ship's Maters and Ships Officers from the occupations lists for 457 visas.

With the election only weeks away we now need your support to show your local MP's that this is an important issue for all Australian Deck Officers.

The AMOU will be kicking off the "Telling our Story" campaign with a launch this Wednesday at:

Location:  Australian Maritime College, Newnham Campus

Queen Elizabeth Walk "The Walk", Launceston

When: 1 June 2016 at 12 noon

See map: Newnham Campus Map AMC

The AMOU has invited all local MPs and local media to the event where we will be telling them how having Deck Officers on the 457 list has effected qualified Australians from the same opportunities.

This will be the first of such events that will be taking place around Australia so keep an eye out for updates and come along to show your support!

Don't forget to forward this to anyone you know that works or cares about the future of Australian Deck Officers.

For more details of the campaign please click on the following links:

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Kind regards

Tim Higgs