AMOU completes an agreement for DP World Stevedoring Supervisors

The AMOU was formed in 1993 when the Merchant Service Guild amalgamated with the Australian Stevedoring Supervisors Association. Following the Patrick dispute and significant redundancies Stevedoring Supervisors were forced to be employed on individual contracts by the two major stevedoring companies. The AMOU has always supported Stevedoring Supervisors and will continue to do so.

At the request of Supervisors in DP World Pty Ltd the AMOU commenced a campaign to replace the individual contract position with a collective enterprise agreement covering stevedoring operations in the company's Australian container terminals [Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide and Fremantle].

After a two year battle which included protracted negotiations with many changes in the company's senior management team during the period, a successful application by the AMOU to Fair Work Australia for a Majority Support Determination resulting with FWA conducting a secret ballot with all Supervisors voting in favour of a collective enterprise agreement and a decision by FWA approving  protected industrial action following a ballot, Operational Supervisors, Maintenance Supervisors and Yard Planners have successfully secured a four year collective enterprise agreement.

The 'DP World AMOU Stevedoring Operations Enterprise Agreement 2012-2015' was approved by Fair Work Australia on 21 February 2012.

The 2012-2015 Agreement contains:

  • a 3.5% of salary sign on of existing individual salaries on 30/1/2012
  • a standard rate of pay for all Supervisors and Yard Planners in all terminals subject to rostered hours worked in the individual terminal.
  • The concept of a national bench mark salary has delivered significant pay increases, some member have achieved a $40,000 pay increase.
  • On 1/7/2012 a further 4% wage increase will apply followed by minimum annual increase of 3.5% [or CPI whichever is the higher] on the 1.4.2013 and 1.4.2014.
  • The Agreement also delivers paid overtime, meal breaks and a lift in the redundancy cap to 52 weeks.

The AMOU would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all the members and we extend a special thanks to the AMOU Supervisors delegates who worked tirelessly during these arduous negotiations.

These negotiations were a clear demonstration of the power of collective bargaining and reinforce the fact that being a member of the Australian Maritime Officers Union delivers respect, dignity and  rights at work.

A copy of the agreement can be found in the 'Members' section of the AMOU web site.

For more information contact:

Jan Thompson, Industrial Officer AMOU

Ph: 03 9663 6702, Mob: 0417 050 816