AMOU Applauds MUA on its 140th Anniversary

The Victorian Branch of the MUA celebrated their 140th anniversary by recognising the first meeting of the Melbourne Seamens Union (later to become the Seamens Union of Australia) which was held on Friday 21st September 1872 at the New Great Britain Hotel in Port Melbourne. Today, we celebrated at the nearby Port Melbourne Bowling Club, to recognise the first meeting place but also commemorate the contribution of George Sangster the first leader of the Melbourne Seamens Union. In 1988, an anchor had been erected by the Seamen`s Union of Australia and the City or Port Melbourne in recognition of a lifetime of service and struggle by George Sangster [1845 to 1915].

As we remembered the great past leaders of the Melbourne Seamens Union, it was apparent all of them, all shared a passion for a fairer, more just and equal society. Even as far back as George Sangster, he opposed participation in the Boer War.

For many of our members, the SUA hold a very special place in their heart, as so many of our members had their first opportunity to go to sea because an official of the SUA got them their first job at sea. Especially of behalf of our members, who come up from the ranks of Able Seaman / General Purpose Hand / Integrated Rating, we extend our congratulations to the MUA on their 140 years of achievement in advancing the working conditions of maritime workers.

Kevin Bracken










Mr Kevin Bracken, Branch Secretary of the Victoria Branch of the MUA before the George Sangster Memorial"