AMOU and AMPI meet to find common ground

The AMOU , represented by President Wayne Moore and Director Port Services Michael Fleming, has met on two occasions over the past four weeks with officers of the Australian Marine Pilots Institute [AMPI],  represented by President Peter Liley, Rob Buck Port Phillip Sea Pilots and Rowan Brownette Sydney Pilots.

The AMOU and AMPI have determined that both organisations have an overwhelming need to understand each other better, to identify areas where they can work together and how they can jointly develop strategies that will advance the interests of Marine Pilots.

Matters being discussed include the role of each organisation in Marine Pilotage, Marine Pilot Training, workforce planning and development, Australian Shipping Reform, and a professional Code of Conduct.

The AMOU and AMPI have agreed to work together to make representations to state governments on laws and regulations covering Marine Pilotage.

Discussion will continue with the aim of reaching common ground and then publishing a policy statement.


Michael Fleming, Cpt Rob Buck - Port Phillip Pilot, Cpt Rowan Brownette - Sydney Pilots, Wayne Moore and Peter Liley - President AMPI