Alexander Spirit Update

As members will  be aware, at short notice late last Thursday, the 36 workers who crew the Caltex oil tanker Alexander Spirit were told their jobs were finished and they would be replaced by a fully international crew on a new international route.

AMOU Industrial Officer Jan Thompson met with our members on board in Devonport at the first opportunity and sought information from the ship operator Teekay on what exactly was going on.

The Fair Work Commission got involved in these matters this afternoon and recommended that Teekay met with the 3 maritime unions and in the meantime the company not enter into adverse actions towards employees (the wording of this recommendation is pending as this notice is posted).

The meeting with Teekay has been arranged for on Thursday 9 July which will be attended by Western Area Secretary Dan Pearson.

The AMOU objective through this ordeal for our members will be retention of our jobs.

Further updates will be posted here on our website and Facebook soon.