Agility Shipping pulls the plug on Bass Strait

Agility has been beset with problems since it commenced service in 2010 from Bell Bay to Port of Melbourne using the MV Tassie Bridge.  Although Agility do not employ the crew of the MV Tassie Bridge, the owners of the Tassie Bridge defaulted on their legal obligations to pay the crew of the MV Tassie Bridge, resulting in the vessel's arrest.

The replacement vessel, the MV Andrea, has also been beset with problems, being detained several times by AMSA.

The last voyage is on the 29 August 2011.  Agility are citing that the lack of a permanent berth in the Port of Melbourne was the final straw in their ill fated venture on the Bass Strait.  At least all entitlements have been paid up to date and the AMOU is negotiating redundancy payments.

Jan Thompson, AMOU Industrial Officer

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