ACTU Pregnancy Discrimination Inquiry

Please find below details to participate in the ACTU pregnancy discrimination inquiry.

Every day, unions hear stories of workers being treated unfairly when they become pregnant or return to work after having a baby.

Right now we have a unique opportunity to convince decision makers in government of the need to change this. The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting an inquiry into pregnancy at work and returning to work after parental leave and you can contribute.

Do you have a story about being discriminated against while pregnant or returning to work? Click here to share your story -- it will take you two minutes and could make all the difference in convincing the government of the need to end workplace discrimination.

Despite it being against the law, too many tell of being demoted, having their roles and responsibilities changed without consultation; being retrenched, dismissed or felt obliged to leave their job as a result of their pregnancy, parental leave or upon return to work.

Unions can and do help in all of these situations, but they shouldn't happen in the first place!

Australian Unions will be making a submission to the inquiry and we want real life stories from:

  • Women about their experiences of being pregnant at work;
  • Partners about their experiences at work in regard to supporting their pregnant partner; and
  • Women and men who have taken parental leave and returned to work or tried to return to work after parental leave. 

Tell us your story no later than 29 November, and we will pass it on to the Human Rights Commission inquiry. All identifying information will remain confidential, unless you indicate otherwise.

If you need help pulling your story together, or if you need advice about your rights at work while pregnant or returning to work after parental leave, phone the Australian Unions Pregnancy and Care Discrimination Hotline on 1300 364 024 during business hours.

Please share your story today, and help unions drive change for a better life.

Yours in union,

The Australian Unions team.

PS. Has a friend or colleague of yours experienced discrimination at work because of their pregnancy? Forward this email or send them the link ( and ask them to share their story today!