2015 AMOU Elections Update

AMOU Elections 2015

Only the position of Offshore Oil and Gas Delegate have been contested in the 2015 AMOU Elections. Below are the Candidate Profiles of the two AMOU Members running for the position of Offshore Oil and Gas Delegate. The Ballot will run for 21 days opening on Thursday 9 July 2015 and

closing on Thursday 30 July 2015 @12noon EST.

Offshore Oil and Gas Delegate

Candidate Profiles:

Glenn Andersen 

I have been an AMOU member since 2004 and employed in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry since 2011, after a long period in the Blue Water sector, and am well aware of the issues and challenges that face our members in the Offshore Industry.

My background includes an extensive history of active Union involvement, including onboard the ITF international "Flag of Convenience" campaign vessel "Global Mariner", from 1998 to 2000.

My past experience includes being a member of the union side at industrial negotiation meetings, and reporting results back to members.

I have regularly attended Fremantle monthly meetings and have in the past been part of the successful WA Branch telephone campaign to re-sign unfinancial members. I have the ability to listen and also to construct member's issues into clear arguments for positive resolution.

If elected as AMOU Offshore Oil & Gas delegate I would see my task as assisting the flow of ideas and information from the Offshore division to the Union (and vice versa) plus being an effective voice for members, at a National Council level.

If elected, I intend to use social media to maintain a contact with Offshore members.

John McDonald

 I have been the Offshore Oil and Gas Delegate on the AMOU National Executive Council since 2011. I joined the AMOU in March 1995, when I obtained my first Masters job at Stirling Marine Services and have been a very active and vocal AMOU member since that day.

I have worked in the maritime industry since 1989 as a deckhand and have progressed through the ranks. I currently work for Australian Offshore Solutions as a Chief Mate SDPO and have experience on Barges, AHTS, PSV, MODU's, Utility vessels, DSV's and Rock Dumpers.

I know the importance of being a part of a union and having strong representation within the workplace, as I have worked for a number of non-union companies where the workers were not covered by an Award or an EBA.

Since my tenure on the AMOU Executive Council I have seen and been involved in positive changes made within the AMOU. If I am to be re-elected I would like to continue working towards building and improving the AMOU and its services to its members, increasing members involvement and contribution to their union, as well as working on the resolving AMOU members issues within the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry