Who We Are and What We Do

The Australian Maritime Officers Union [AMOU] was formed when the Merchant Service Guild and the Australian Stevedoring Supervisors Association amalgamated.

The Merchant Service Guild of Australia, an association of Masters, Deck Officers , Marine Pilots, Tug Masters and Port Services vessel Masters and Engineers, was the first Federal trade union registered when the Conciliation and Arbitration Act was made law by Federal Parliament in 1904.

The first case decided under Federal employment law was the Merchant Service Guild of Australasia v Commonwealth Steamship Owners Association in 1905. [1CAR1]

With this proud continuous history extending back to the 1880's the AMOU is uniquely placed to represent all professional , administrative, supervisory and technical employees engaged in the maritime, offshore oil and gas, stevedoring and port services industries and in Port Corporations and Marine Authorities.

The AMOU provides a range of services to members:

  • advocacy on professional matters
  • assistance on training matters
  • Job Alert and advice on career development
  • bargaining representation in enterprise agreements
  • representation before Fair Work Australia and other employment related tribunals
  • immediate support, advice and legal representation in the event of a marine incident, accident or emergency
  • Advice and representation on individual employment contract matters
  • representation for members involved in Grievance or Dispute Resolution procedures
  • termination of employment and unfair dismissal matters
  • membership on work place consultative committees
  • access to cost effective legal liability insurance
  • support and general advice on superannuation matters
  • advice and support on work related personal injury matters including workers compensation and seafarers injury compensation

 AMOU Port Services members include:

  • Marine Pilots
  • Tug Boat Masters
  • Harbour Masters and Assistant Harbour Masters
  • Officers on Bunker vessels
  • VTS/Port Control Officers
  • Hydrographic Surveyors
  • Marine Surveyors
  • Marine Supervisors and Managers
  • Examiners
  • Professional/Administration and Technical staff of Port and Marine Authorities including Professional Engineers
  • Ferry Masters and Engineers
  • Marine Tourism vessel crews
  • Operations /Maintenance Supervisors and Yard Planners in container terminals
  • Stevedoring Supervisors
  • Pilot Vessel Marine Services Officers
  • Masters and Deck Officers on Dredges (Port Corporations)

AMOU Offshore members include:

  • Ship Masters
  • Deck Officers
  • DP Operators
  • ROV Operators
  • Dredging Industry: Masters and Deck Officers
  • Shipwrights (seagoing)
  • Tug Masters