AMOU People

October 2015

Christine Russell reitres

Christine Russell

After over 17 years of invaluable support, dedication and effort to the AMOU Christine is retiring on 27 October 2015.

Christine's willingness to assist and provide support to the AMOU Members and the AMOU Executive particularly during critical work load situations has ensured that our Federal office has operated to a highly professional standard and she will be missed by all.

On behalf of the President Tim Higgs and the AMOU Executive and all the AMOU Staff we wish Christine a very happy, healthy Retirement and all the best for the future.


April 2014

Welcome Meghann Papa

The AMOU is pleased to announce that we have a new Industrial staff member. Meghann Papa joined the Union on the 17th March 2014 as an Industrial Officer.

Prior to joining the AMOU Meghann has worked for United Voice as an Organiser and the Transport Workers' Union of Australia (TWU) as a Legal/Industrial Officer.

Meghann has experience in Employment and Industrial Relations, Contract Law, Workers' Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety and Equal Opportunity.

In her capacity as an Organiser and an Industrial Officer Meghann has stood up for the rights of employees in achieving fair and equitable outcomes in a broad range of areas. Meghann is committed to ensuring the members she represents are not disadvantaged when it comes to their rights and joins the AMOU at a time when Unions and their members are being increasingly exposed to workplace challenges and change.

Meghann's involvement with, and commitment to, the Trade Union Movement came very early in life, becoming a union member when she was 15 years old.  Meghann also has a strong family connection with the Maritime Industry, including her father who was a member of the AMOU before leaving the Maritime Industry after more than thirty years of service.

In addition to her experience as an Industrial Officer and Union Organiser Meghann has a law degree from Murdoch University and is an admitted solicitor. I am sure all members will join me in welcoming Meghann to the AMOU team. Her addition to our ranks will no doubt further enhance the quality of service available to members.

 Meghann Papa


July 2012

After 18 years with the AMOU in administration Inger Pereira has now retired to enjoy a life of leisure.

Inger also worked a number of years with the ITF in London.  She has worked in the maritime industry for at least 38 years. A job well done.

Pictured below is President Wayne Moore and Inger Pereira on her last day at the AMOU National Office

Wayne and Inger



Introducing Robert Coombs - new Industrial Officer

The AMOU Executive Council has approved the appointment of Robert Coombs as an AMOU Industrial Officer.

Robert has extensive experience in the areas of shipping, port authority and stevedoring industries. His experience also includes office management and legal/collective bargaining responsibilities in the maritime work place. Robert has also extensive experience, including as a Director, of the industry superannuation fund 'Maritime Super'.

Robert has had four years experience as a NSW Member of Parliament, experience as an MUA/SUA official and many years working at sea in the Australian Merchant Navy.

Robert Coombs will commence duties as an AMOU Industrial Officer in the Sydney Office on Monday 2 July 2012.

   Robert Coombs  Robert Coombs


18.04 12

Michael Fleming announces his retirement:

Michael Fleming has informed the AMOU President that he intends to retire on the 30th of June 2012 after nearly 40 years continuous service to members. The President and Executive Council have resolved to ask Michael to return to AMOU employment after July 2012 for an agreed period [concluding March 2013] to assist in the transition and training. Michael has agreed to do this.


September 2011


Richard Barnes has resigned as a full time employee AMOU Industrial Officer based in the AMOU National Sydney Office. His last day was Friday 19 August. Richard has been successful in obtaining a Tug Master position with Svitzer at Bowen/Abbot Point in QLD. Richard will continue as the Eastern Area Secretary (honorary) and AMOU Executive Council Member. All of Richard's previous Industrial Officer duties are currently being managed by Michael Fleming, Director Port Services Division. The AMOU and members are substantially better off as a result of Richard's hard work, dedication and skill shown in his role as Industrial Officer in the AMOU Port Services Division.

Thanks Richard - you are a true leader of Mariners.